So I turn on the local news station tonight, and the first this I hear is something like this…”Jackson, MI makes it to #1 on Forbes list…but it is not for something they want to be recognized for.”

Jackson, MI is the hometown that I LOVE!  It was a hit to hear that has ranked my town as the #1 worst small city in the U.S. for Job Opportunities.  The following is from the Fox News web site…

“It’s all subjective information,” says Jackson city councilman Dan Greer of the report.Yes, unemployment in Jackson is at 13.4 percent, but Greer says Jackson is adding jobs, from Brownfield projects to Smartzone facilities.

“I can tell you Jackson’s doing very well, especially in the medical profession and health care,” Greer says.

The report cites Jackson’s drop in manufacturing as a reason for its dubious honor, but Surgener sees that as an opportunity.

“There are jobs here in Jackson. Jobs are being created. We’re shifting away from manufacturing and more to service jobs,” he says.

“I hate to sound like Bob Barker but come on down,” Greer says. “The price is right, we have the right economic tools. We’re willing to go to work for you.”

They’re looking for the sweet in a pretty sour report.

Six out of the ten worst small cities for jobs, according to Forbes, were in Michigan; Jackson, Battle Creek, Muskegon-Norton Shoes, Grand Haven-Holland, Saginaw and Flint.


Many of you may be wondering why the heck I’m laying down roots and opening new businesses here in Jackson, MI?  Good question for sure!  I CHOOSE TO SNUB MY NOSE AT REPORTS LIKE THIS!  Jackson is a great city filled with hardworking and dedicated people.  My thought is that if we are laking job opportunities, we need to dig deep into the entrepreneurial spirit that built our country in the first place…and start creating OUR OWN NEW OPPORTUNITIES! 

I’m soon launching a private equity and capital services firm here in Jackson.  I’m bullish on Jackson Michigan!  We have got SO much good going for us.  We have a deep history of superior manufacturing and distribution.  With the right focus and smart local leadership, we will be able to parlay these skills to develop, assemble, and ship the technologies of tomorrow!  People will always have wants and needs!  We need to focus on serving those wants and needs, period!  That is what is going to put Jackson, and Michigan in general, back on the economic map! 

I’m making it my personal mission to bring to Jackson, MI in five years.  I want my town to be #1 on the Forbes list of Small American Towns with the Strongest Entrepreneurial Spirit!  Now that would be news worth reporting!

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