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Is GM a good investment?

Since I have dealt with Ford in the past, it seem appropriate to deal with GM too. I am amazed that so many folks are just itching to invest their hard earned dollars into Ford and/or GM.  Many of you sincerely believe that there is no way that the government will allow them to fail.  […]

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Flipping Houses in Michigan

I’m watching some family members of mine lay the groundwork for some significant long-term wealth creation through the purchase of distressed properties here in Michigan.  I took a tour with my Uncle over the holiday of several of the properties he had purchased, and several that he was considering for purchase.  My uncle is taking […]

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Team CCM

I want to thank those of you who have been reviewing the Team CCM business opportunity.  I’ve asked some of the smartest people that I know to give me a critical evaluation of Team CCM, the Natural Gas Choice Programs, Volunteer Energy, Network Marketing, etc…and I have yet to receive negative feedback.  Many of you […]

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Team CCM Natural Gas Business

I’ve recently joined a partner of mine in the business of marketing natural gas through a new organization… Team CCM  Team CCM is based out of Toledo, OH and was formed recently to market the Natural Gas Choice services of Volunteer Energy in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  I’m extremely excited about this opportunity as it […]

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Best Credit Card Deals

In my quest to find the best possible deals on credit cards, I’m starting to lean more on sites which not only offer comparison information from the companies themselves, but offer resources and information on the proper use of credit. With so much fine print in each credit card offer, I believe you need to […]

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Currency Trading

Short post to mention that I’m also looking into Currency Trading and wondering if there are any opportunities in the current environment to take advantage of the US governments massive printing of US Dollars.  I’ll keep you posted!

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Investing In Silver

I clearly remember 3 years ago my Uncle Randy telling me that he was seriously stockpiling Silver.  The commodity was selling at about $5.00 per troy ounce and he was sure it would go to $20 or higher.  If I remember correctly, he felt that there was a worldwide shortage in silver, and that the […]

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Investing in a Dream

My buddy Blake at YoungDough.com just posted a great bit about investing in yourself first and foremost.  I’ve got to say, for a young guy, Blake is smart and right on target.  I’m privileged in my career to meet some highly successful people.  The common theme of these seemingly ordinary people is their unyielding commitment to […]

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Natural Gas in Michigan

What is Natural Gas Choice?  MPSC Natural Gas Customer Choice Programs NOW IT’S YOUR CHOICE Natural Gas Customer Choice permits you to shop for gas for your home or business from a diverse market of gas suppliers. You can select a gas supplier or do nothing and continue to get your gas from your local gas […]

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Hummer H2 “FireSale”

With gas prices back down to $1.36 at the Sam’s Club in Jackson, MI, I’m wishing that I would not have set fire to my H2 (Kidding) But seriously, those crazy $4.00 plus gas prices changed something inside my brain in regards to consumption.  I have actually dropped insurance on the H2 to “storage only” […]

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