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When did life get so crazy?

Well friends, Sorry for the infrequent posting.  It has been a CRAZY BUSY week.  We all have them.  I do what to leave you with this nugget of ALMOST WISDOM… “Always talk positively about EVERYONE in your life…you never know when your touch sensative cell phone has made a call and SOMEONE is listening to EVERYTHING […]

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World’s Best Gaming System, Nintendo Wii

I got one of these Nintendo Wii systems today as an early Birthday present for Sarah and I from my folks.  This crazy thing is incredible.  It was extremely easy to set up, and the technology is simply amazing.  I love everything about it…except that the Wii Fit told me that I’m 15 pounds overweight […]

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I’m writing an E-Book about Franchising

I’m excited to announce that I’m setting out to write an e-book guide that will walk people through the decision making process that EVERYONE should go through before they buy a franchise.  Buying a franchise is a HUGE decision.  I have bought, operated, still operate, or have sold 7 franchised businesses here in Michigan.  I’ve […]

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What is Clickbank?

I spent about 3 hours yesterday afternoon trying to answer the above question.  What is Clickbank?  My secondary question was…How do I use Clickbank to further monetize my Internet real estate.  AdSense has been a great start, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve spent the last year as a one trick pony.  That strategy is […]

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The 7 Habits of Marginally Successful People

These are actually the 7 habits of a marginally successful entrepreneur…me.  And as a disclaimer, I have not read the book of a similar title, though I hope to some day.  But as of right now, I am darn proud of the marginal financial successes that I have enjoyed in my 6 or so years of […]

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Is Ford A Good Buy?

I’ve posted several times regarding the auto industry here in Michigan.  Since then, we have seen GM and Chrysler receive some federal money to try to keep them afloat.  Ford Motor Company appeared to shy away from federal dollars and put up a good front that they had everything under control…we don’t need any bailout […]

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Can Blogs Make Money?

December 2008 proved to be a banner month in my quest to figure out if blogs can be profitable.  I employ a very limited selection of revenue streams on my blog.  I currently utilize Adsense for content, Adsense for Search, and direct advertisement sales.  In Dec. these efforts yielded the following results: Adsense for Content…about […]

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Top 10 Personal Finance Tips for 2009

In any new project, business, or endeavor you need to strategically start with the end in mind.  That being said, “What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2009?”  Start planning now!  Here is my list of 10 important things you can do to take control of your personal finances in 2009 Go […]

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