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Why Capital One SUCKS!

(I know the above graphic sucks, but I was too lazy and tired to mess with PhotoShop tonight) JUST TWO DAYS AGO I was having lunch with a friend from work.  I was BRAGGING about how great my Capital One No Hassle Rewards Card was.  Great rewards, and an EXTREMELY LOW interest rate.  Look very […]

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The Secret of Success

I’ve was privedged to have spent the last week with some of the most successful people to have graduated from Spring Arbor University.  I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for an extended weekend of vision casting for the University in co-operation with a handful of the schools most generous and supportive benefactors.  I engaged in very meaningful conversation with […]

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Tips for surviving a depression!

First of all…  I DON’T think that it is a foregone conclusion that our country is headed for a “depression.”  A depression in economic terms is loosely defined as a countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropping by about 10% or more in a given year.  WHAT I MEAN by GDP is the total value of […]

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How do you define wealth?

As a personal finance blog, we tend to spend a lot of time on the topic of money.  The older that I get (and the faster my 3 daughters grow up) I realize that my personal defination of wealth is changing rapidly.  I used to be solely concerned with the weekly, monthly, and yearly fluctuations […]

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Bloggers Helping Bloggers

One of the greatest thing about blogging (besides getting to organize your thoughts) is the relationships that you make with other bloggers.  There are some undefined, yet very tangible, common bonds that connect bloggers to one another.  This is especially true with bloggers who are at similar stages of their projects.  I’m exceedingly thankful for […]

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Tips for getting a job!

I’m getting a call or e-mail almost every day about a friend or family member who is losing a job, can’t find a job, took a pay cut, is worried about her job, etc.  Another amazingly funny thing that I’m hearing is…”We elected Barack…why don’t I have a job yet?”  Well here is the deal, […]

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The Power of Stumble Upon

This blog has enjoyed 25 – 50 unique visitors per day for some time now.  I’ve felt blessed to have this amount of traffic and great commenters, because this blog has always served as a way for me to organize my thoughts on business, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.  I’m truly honored when someone visits the […]

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How to Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

I must admit, I’ve been keeping a secret from you all!!!  But recently a new friend of mine, Mike, from 30LINES helped me realize that the best thing I can do a Personal Finance & Technology blogger is to not hold back anything and let my readers know any new trick that I find.  That being […]

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30 Sneaks Up On Ya!

I got BLASTED last night with a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY thrown by my wife and some friends.  They completely caught me off guard last night as my birthday is still a couple of days away.  When I got home from the movies with my buddy Steve Gohl and bounded down into my basement ready to […]

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