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#1 Worst Small City for Jobs…Jackson, Mi.

So I turn on the local news station tonight, and the first this I hear is something like this…”Jackson, MI makes it to #1 on Forbes list…but it is not for something they want to be recognized for.” Jackson, MI is the hometown that I LOVE!  It was a hit to hear that Forbes.com has […]

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Tips for New Bloggers

Much thanks to you all for the great comments and feedback on my Blog Income Report. I started blogging in Feb. 2008 on a Free Blogger Site with absolutly NO CLUE what I was doing.  As my friend at MoneyEnergy mentioned in one of her comments…it took like 6 months to get my first Adsense Check.  […]

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Blog Income Report

It has been a LONG time since I reported blog income information.  Many personal finance bloggers don’t report their income, and I think this is a mistake.  It is fun and informative to see how others are doing.  Most of us blog for fun, conversation, and community.  ALL of us blog for the potential revenue, […]

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My Best Investment – 1st Quarter 2009

Several months ago I posted about some of the great companies that I was buying as the entire stock market was tanking.  I purchased 15 companies over at Fristrade.  As of today, nine of them have lost money, five of them have made money…but my account is sitting at almost EXACTLY the $15,000 that I started with…so […]

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Is a Pizza Franchise a Good Investment?

Photo Credit: http://www.eightsolid.com In June of 2003 I opened my first franchised pizza store here in Michigan. I went into partnership with my best friend from college. We had worked for 18 months planning our business, finding the perfect location, learning about the pizza business (him a lot more than me, as he went through […]

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Pure Michigan

We rolled out of bed this morning to 7 inches of beautiful Michigan Snow!  I’m thinking SNOW FORT!

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Should I buy a house?

As I’ve shared in the past, my wife and I built our dream home about 3 and a half years ago…right at the height of the housing bubble here in Michigan (and across the US for that matter).  Hind sight is always 20/20, but it sickens my some days to think of how many beautiful […]

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Energy Drink Business

In June 2007  I started an Energy Drink business.  There is this amazing stuff make in Europe called XL Energy Drink.  At the time I was a Red Bull fanatic, but when I tasted XL, I WAS HOOKED.  It tasted very similar to the leading brand, but was smoother and didn’t have that bitter aftertaste […]

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