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Afraid to Start a Business?

My work involves meeting all kinds of people who are at various stages of their business career.  Many conversations lately have seemed to be more coaching than consultation based.  I’m seeing a lot of fear in Michigan.  The worst part of fear is that 98% of it is just simply not real.  It is a […]

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Tips for starting a business in Michigan

I was at a board meeting yesterday for my University’s Center for Entrepreneurship.  We discussed at length the real possibility that Michigan is going to see 17% or more unemployment rate over the next 12 months.  The thought is that there are going to literally be hundreds of thousands of people looking for work, OR […]

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Is Quicken Loans a Scam?

I HATE IT when I suggest a product or service to a friend, and it COMPLETELY bombs for them!  This type of situation just sucks.  I recently suggest to one of my very best friends that he call Quicken Loans to refinance his Adjustable Rate Mortgage to take advantage of today’s great deals on 30 […]

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April Blog Income Report

It seems like yesterday that I was reporting March numbers.  I’ve said this to you all before, but SLOW DOWN AND SOAK UP LIFE!  Time just goes by WAY too fast!  I hope all my friends are feeling as good about Spring as I am!  Yesterday I took my two oldest girls fishing.  We caught […]

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Free Advice (Always worth what you paid for it)

-A wise old saying: “The intelligent man learns from his own experience; the wise man learns from the experience of others.” I’ve spent the last week rereading this post and rethinking this old adage. It is one that I’ve tried to keep close to my heart as a business guy and entrepreneur. I think that the marginal […]

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Life is Good!

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