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Is Online Poker a Scam?

Today I take on my newest Scam-Busters question…Is Online Poker a Scam? I’ve recently tried online poker at Full Tilt Poker.  Full Tilt was suggested to me by a “poker guy” that I know, and who I believe plays quite a bit.  He told me that if I “bought” $250 of online chips at Full […]

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Why Do Politicians Go Door To Door?

If you love politics at all, you have got to have a deep respect for the guy who is beating his feet, door to door, to let his neighbors know that he is the best choice to represent their interests.  In the digital world, this old tried and true political strategy packs more punch than […]

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Is Consumer Choice Marketing a Scam?

If you have been a reader of this blog for any time, you know that I have a HUGE PROBLEM with ANYTHING that seems like a scam.  I’ve questioned Quicken Loans…Capital One Financial…Astonish Results and others. Several of the things we’ve looked into and asked for input on still seem scam-like today, while others seem […]

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