I did this on Facebook, then realized that not all of you’ll do the Facebook thing.  So here you go.  25 fun, random facts about B.

1. I’m madly in love with 4 girls.
2. I live in beautiful, cold, Michigan
3. I am 2 lbs. over my ideal weight according to Dr. Michael Roizen
4. I enjoy automobiles
5. I go to Westwinds Church http://www.westwinds.org and I love Jesus
6. I read like a freaking mad man, current favorite, The Shack
7. If you simply tell me you have not read The Shack, I will mail you a copy asap.
8. I’ve mailed 70 copies in the past 6 months.
9. I’m a partner in a Private Equity Firm
10. My youngest Daughter is named Teagan. It is Irish for “Little Poet”
11. My parents just went to Ireland to trace our roots.
12. We are of no verifiable nobility, but I’m OK with that.
13. I’m a bit of an entrepreneur, and I love it.
14. I turn 30 on Feb. 5, 2009 and my forehead seems to be getting bigger by the minute.
15. I love to play racquetball.
16. I own an Energy Drink Marketing Company
17. I love to blog
18. I eat a Fiber One Bar every morning as Dr. Roizen says we Americans don’t get enough Fiber.
19. Sarah and I’ve been married 11 years in July of this year. I’m going to take her camping probably.
20. We love to go camping.
21. I also love my juicer, it is sweet!
22. My 5 year old is smarter than me, and my 3 year old is Cinderella, literally!
23. Sarah talked me into a Mini Van this year.
24. Sarah and I are pretty much best friends with our parents, they are truly good people.

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