I got BLASTED last night with a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY thrown by my wife and some friends. 

They completely caught me off guard last night as my birthday is still a couple of days away.  When I got home from the movies with my buddy Steve Gohl and bounded down into my basement ready to play Steve in Wii tennis.  I get hit with about 40 SURPRISES!  It was awesome, but COMPLETELY caught me off guard. 

My first reaction was to be kind of scared and confused, because my birthday had honestly been the last thing on my mind lately.  What the heck are all these halloween looking people doing in my basement yelling at me???  In about 3 seconds though my brain got out of the fog and I realized that Sarah had thrown me an 80’s themed party with all the 80’s fixings.  I threw my arms up in victory and said, “Wow, let’s party!”  

Absolutely great night!  Friends new and old were there, some of them even made 4+ hour drives to surprise me.  Blessings to you all…especially you Sarah!  Thanks for a great night.  Life is good with friends and family like you! 

And a special note to Brian DeMann…Thanks for making sure that SOMETHING was being sung on the Karaoke machine for the ENTIRE night!  You rock brother!

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