“The Almost Millionaire” is probably a dumb name when you think about it. To many folks who are struggling financially and buried in debt, a million $ in the bank may seem impossible. And middle class America is probably thinking that a million dollars doesn’t mean much at all any more if you want to have “The American Dream” type of retirement and your life expectancy is 95 years. The truth is that both groups are right!The fact remains that the vast majority of the population of North American has not even come close to meeting their personal financial goals. The connecting point for me to The Almost Millionaire is that is portrays in my mind were all of us actually are.

Some are starting out their journey in the negative. Some may have saved $75,000 in their 401K…but struggle to pay their monthly bills. Others may have a net worth of $500,000. It doesn’t matter for my purposes today. I’m trying to find in my life and in the life of others that I have relationships with, ideas and truths that may help along to way. I also want to explore the mental and spiritual side of personal financial decisions. I have witnessed financial journeys ruin lives and destroy families. What good is being “The Arrived Millionaire” if it has left a trail of brokenness in your friend and family trees that will have consequences for decades to come? My wife will tell you that “balance” is the key to these matters, but it is sometimes hard to find. I say that from personal experience.

I’ve grown tired of reading countless books by wealthy and successful folks who know the “ONE THING” that is going to make me wealthy and successful. Of the 100 or so I’ve read, only about 5 emerged with any real world advice that I could put into immediate action.

I’m hoping to streamline the process for you. I believe that financial stability comes about after HUNDREDS of little actions, not just a few big ones. This blog is to test my theory. I invite your feedback and advice. I’m no where near having it all figured out.

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