My work involves meeting all kinds of people who are at various stages of their business career. 

Many conversations lately have seemed to be more coaching than consultation based. 

I’m seeing a lot of fear in Michigan.  The worst part of fear is that 98% of it is just simply not real.  It is a bunch of crap that is floating around your head because of something your mother told you 10 years ago, or your lawyer told you last week, or whatever. 

There are MILLIONS of reasons to not try something new…just ask any lawyer!  I wonder how many great business ideas have been squashed by lawyers?  I would bet the number is staggering!  To talk to a lawyer, it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to get ANYTHING done as thoroughly as it SHOULD BE DONE!  No one should every try ANYTHING NEW…THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH LIABILITY IN EVERYTHING! 

This would make business impossible, wouldn’t it!

BUT,we all know that great ideas to sproat into successful businesses.  Risk is real, no doubt…but it is often rewarded richly here in the real world. 

So I tip my hat to all of you out there who are blazing your own trail, in spite of the fear and negative talk!  Remember why you pay a lawyer, for advice on the law…not to tell you about all the millions of things that can (and will) go wrong in every business deal.  Move forward, and work hard.  You can deal with the inevitable when the inevitable shows up at your doorstep.  If you try to deal with EVERY POSSIBLE future scenario here in the present, you will NEVER get anything done, and your goals and dreams will die with the “negative possibilities” you are trying to avoid. 

Be street smart and stick with your gut!  This has never let me down!

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