It seems like yesterday that I was reporting March numbers.  I’ve said this to you all before, but SLOW DOWN AND SOAK UP LIFE!  Time just goes by WAY too fast!  I hope all my friends are feeling as good about Spring as I am!  Yesterday I took my two oldest girls fishing.  We caught some bluegills and a perch…cleaned them up and had a mini fish fry.  They loved it!  One of those moments in life you wish didn’t have to end. 

Anyways…April was another decent month for TAM!  Earnings were good, but I also am enjoying some nice, steady traffic (I’m going to share traffic data too!)

Earnings breakdown for April 2009

Adsense: $141.88

CCM Income: $30.00

Hostgator Affiliate Sales: $0.00

Private Sales: $180.00

Kontera Income: $0.00

Total Online Earnings: $351.88

April 2009 Site/Traffic Stats

  • 3930 Page Loads
  • 1967 Unique Visitors
  • 1451 First Time Visitors
  • 516 Returning Visitors

Sorry about the bad screen shot, what do ya do! 

Well, traffic was up but income was down a little bit.  I’m still hopeful that blogs can make money, but I’m not convinced that I’m on the right path towards reaching my year end goals of $1000 per month in TAM blog income.  I need to offer some product, service, or information that will truly enhance someones life, in an immediate and measurable way.  That is going to be job #1 going forward.  Easier said than done though, I know!

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