In my quest to find the best possible deals on credit cards, I’m starting to lean more on sites which not only offer comparison information from the companies themselves, but offer resources and information on the proper use of credit.

With so much fine print in each credit card offer, I believe you need to work hard to educate yourself on what card features and benefits are going to best fit your needs.  For example, right now the most important credit card feature for me is a low balance transfer rate.  I’m juggling a bit of debt, and my job as a credit card user is to get myself the lowest rate that I can find.  In the future I may need a card with a low purchase rate, and that will cause me to investigate further.

All that said, good luck using credit wisely!  That is the only way to do it, especially given the current state of our economy!  Get as much information as you possible can, and then make a great decision.  And make sure you do your best to get a card with great rewards too!

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