So it has been a couple of months since I’ve updated my friends, associates and readers about the income that TAM is generating.  So here you go.

Over the past two months I’ve averaged $350 (give or take a few bucks) of earnings from this blog (and a couple of other web properties that I don’t market at all that get little traffic.)

AdSense is pretty consistently earning about $140.00 per month.  I’m actually very pleased with the steady stream of revenue that this provides.

Private sales are accounting for the majority of blog earnings month in and month out.  I’m getting an advertising inquiry almost every other day.  Not everyone buys, but it is a consistent $150.00 or so per month…so I’m pretty pleased with that too. 

Affiliate advertising from hostgator is still picking up, but not converting all that often…but it did generate $75.00

Kontera advertising is slow and the payouts are small.  I’m only generating about $4.00 or so per month.

ALL THAT SAID, I’m still not generating enough income to make my entire Hummer H2 payment ($478.00 a month), but I’m getting darn close!  I’m still getting a ton of traffic from old posts especially the ones about General Motors and Why Capital One Sucks…so that is great.

Traffic has leveled off to between 1500 and 2000 unique visitors per month and between 5000 and 6000 page views per month.  I love the tracking capabilities of Analytics…very cool!  Also cool to know, 80% of my visitors are coming from the US, 10% from the UK, 5% from Canada, and the rest from all over God’s green earth. 

Thanks always for stopping by and for your comments.  They make this fun!

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