It has been a LONG time since I reported blog income information.  Many personal finance bloggers don’t report their income, and I think this is a mistake.  It is fun and informative to see how others are doing.  Most of us blog for fun, conversation, and community.  ALL of us blog for the potential revenue, at least thats my opinion.


  • Adsense Income: $151.40
  • CCM Income: $100.00
  • Host Gator Income: $50.00
  • Link Revenue: $80.00


I’m pretty darn excited about these results!  It was nice to finally get a affiliate sale.  Also, it makes you feel really good when you are being contacted by other companies about advertising opportunities.  CCM income is due to a referral who joined the company.  This is a one time fee, but I will receive trail commissions too (which may or may not be significant).

Adsense is pretty steady, but is not growing.  I have never really worked to understand how to drive adsense revenue, I’m just thankful that it is there.  Most surprising to me is the usage that I get on my google search bar.  That performs pretty well, all things considered.  It doesn’t get used every day, but when it does get used, about 15% of the time is generates revenue…pretty cool!

So anyways, I love this blog!  Sharing my thoughts on investing, entrepreneurship, personal finance, faith, etc.  It really is fun to do.  Income is a great by-product of a small passion.  That being said, I’m firmly committed to generating $1000 per month of passive income from TAM by year end.  Big goal for sure, but I’ve climbed higher mountains. 

This seems like a great time to thank you all again!  I truly appreciate those of you who support this blog with comments and links.   These digital conversations and friendships are daily blessings in my life!  SO THANKS!

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