One of the greatest thing about blogging (besides getting to organize your thoughts) is the relationships that you make with other bloggers.  There are some undefined, yet very tangible, common bonds that connect bloggers to one another.  This is especially true with bloggers who are at similar stages of their projects. 

I’m exceedingly thankful for the dozen or so other bloggers who regularly take the time to comment and add value to The Almost Millionaire.  The occasional stop ins are great too…but those bloggers who I consider “regulars”…(the ones that I try to support the most) are the ones that REALLY make it fun.  I will not visit the blogs of my regulars and friends without trying my best to leave something there of value…and you all seem to do the same.  Often I’ll post some Personal Finance ideas, and you all will leave BETTER advice in your comments and thoughts.  And I can’t thank guys like Mitch enough for all they have done to make blogging fun. 

You all are very appreciated…that is the bottom line.  So cheers to a fun and profitable future!  Let me know what I can do to help you be successful, because Blogging is an island if we don’t build a team!

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