December 2008 proved to be a banner month in my quest to figure out if blogs can be profitable.  I employ a very limited selection of revenue streams on my blog.  I currently utilize Adsense for content, Adsense for Search, and direct advertisement sales.  In Dec. these efforts yielded the following results:

Adsense for Content…about $75.00 in revenue

Adsense for Search…about $50.00 in revenue

Private Ads…exactly $50.00 in revenue

Total December blogging income…$175.00

I’m pretty pleased with these results as I truly blog for fun.  That being said, I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I love the business aspect of conquering the Internet.  I will continue down the path of slow and steady to win the race, and will grow my knowledge of all things “interweb”  as you must remember that I started with NO KNOWLEDGE of these things several months ago.  Hopefully I can report $300 in income for Jan.  I’m looking for 2009 to be a big year. 

Blessings!  And big thanks to all my friends and commentors.  You truly make blogging alot more fun.

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