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Mortgage Refinance Problems

IS CUSTOMER SERVICE LOST? So  I initiated a mortgage refinance in mid June of this year.  I am going from a 30 year to a 15 year mortgage to take advantage of historically low interest rates and to pay off my mortgage faster. I attempted to use the same company that refinanced my 30 year […]

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Financial “Spring Cleaning” Tips

It is not quite Spring yet here in Michigan, but it has been such a mild winter, my internal clock is ticking early this year. The personal financial habit that I’ve developed over the past 7 years is to preform a personal financial clean-up session at about the same time I decide to clean my […]

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5 Tips for using prepaid cards

If you are not interested in borrowing money using traditional credit cards, prepaid cards offer you a functional alternative. You don’t go into debt and you don’t owe anything. You are spending your own money that has simply been transferred to the card. Take some time to compare prepaid credit cards to ensure you get […]

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What you need to get a loan

Securing any type of loan requires making some advance preparation. In most cases, this means providing information that is requested by the lender and generally proving that you do represent a reasonable risk to that lender. While the requirements for different types of offline and online loans will vary, there are a few basic things […]

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Business is changing, are you keeping up?

I have not spit any business advice in quite a while, but I received some input this weekend that hit me as extremely simple, relevant, insightful and valuable. I have a friend who is a Six Sigma, black belt Ninja 🙂 for a fortune 300 company here in Michigan.  My understanding is that his job […]

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Is “Enjoy The City” Fundraising Program a Scam?

So I’m afraid I may have been scammed again, and this time by a fundraising organization. ENJOY THE CITY http://www.enjoythecity.com is a Fundraising company that allows you group or organization to sell fundraising books to earn money for whatever it is you are raising money for. For Example, a group at my church was selling […]

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Best Rewards Credit Card

Recently, as I’ve been surfing the Internet, reading financial blogs and yahoo finance forums, I’ve started to notice an interesting credit card trend. The major banks are getting REALLY aggressive with their credit card rewards programs.  It seems like I’m seeing an ad on ever site I visit tempting me to open up a new […]

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Update on Post…Is Quicken Loans a Scam?

On May 15, 2009, I asked my readers a question… Is Quicken Loans a Scam? I had had a relatively good experience with a mortgage refinance with Quicken, and had suggested Quicken to a friend, but my friend felt like Quicken Loans scammed him out of $750.00. As of today’s date, this question about Quicken […]

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Is Restaurant.com a Scam?

So I bought my first gift certificate from Restaurant.com today. What a big, fat waste of time and money! Restaurant.com advertised that I could buy a $25 Gift Certificate for a small restaurant located near me…The End Zone…in Horton, MI FOR ONLY $10!!! What a great deal, I was excited to try a new place!  […]

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7 ways to make passive income online!

If you are like the majority of the population, you love to earn money. There are countless ways of doing so in the world today, many of which can be achieved online. A great type of income that can be made online is passive income. The brilliant thing about passive income is that it gives […]

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