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Financial “Spring Cleaning” Tips

It is not quite Spring yet here in Michigan, but it has been such a mild winter, my internal clock is ticking early this year. The personal financial habit that I’ve developed over the past 7 years is to preform a personal financial clean-up session at about the same time I decide to clean my […]

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Franchising For Cash Flow

 Over the past 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to buy, operate, and sell five franchised restaurants.  The restaurant businesses, and specifically franchised restaurants, have provided significant additional cash flow for my family (on top of my earnings as a financial advisor 2002-2006, and VP @ Private Equity firm 2007-present).   I think the key is to realize […]

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How I Shaved $30,000 From My Family Budget

In 2007 I sold two successful restaurants that I owned to a gentleman who had three other similar restaurants.  He was looking to expand his empire, and I was looking to simplify my life a bit.  This sale was GREAT in that it put a couple hundred thousand into the bank pretty fast.  What was […]

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Flipping Houses in Michigan

I’m watching some family members of mine lay the groundwork for some significant long-term wealth creation through the purchase of distressed properties here in Michigan.  I took a tour with my Uncle over the holiday of several of the properties he had purchased, and several that he was considering for purchase.  My uncle is taking […]

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Best Credit Card Deals

In my quest to find the best possible deals on credit cards, I’m starting to lean more on sites which not only offer comparison information from the companies themselves, but offer resources and information on the proper use of credit. With so much fine print in each credit card offer, I believe you need to […]

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Hummer H2 “FireSale”

With gas prices back down to $1.36 at the Sam’s Club in Jackson, MI, I’m wishing that I would not have set fire to my H2 (Kidding) But seriously, those crazy $4.00 plus gas prices changed something inside my brain in regards to consumption.  I have actually dropped insurance on the H2 to “storage only” […]

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Smart Use of Credit Cards

I am a major advocate of the SMART use of credit cards. I have been known to often tap credit cards for major purchases when they are offering attractive rates or balance transfers offers. My favorite aspect of using a credit card is the reward program. I would never use a card that does not offer […]

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I’ve actually came across a new company that offers a real “work at home” opportunity for all those out there who have some common sense, and a knack for searching on the web. ChaCha.com is a service where you can text any question that you can think of to 242242 (chacha) and you will very […]

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The Almost Thousandaire

Friends, Wow, what a crazy reversal of fortunes for the US and World economies.  Yesterday’s plunge in the markets was exactly one year from the High the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit of just over 14,000.  Now we sit at about Dow 8500 and with $3 TRILLION of US wealth wiped out.  Most of that […]

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Where Is Your Cash In An Emergency?

Your Personal Cash Position: Definition…How much cash you have EASY access to in 36 hours or less. During times of anxiety and crises, it is REALLY important to know how much cash you and your family has access too.  We generally all go through life thinking that we will always have quick access to our bank accounts, […]

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