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Should I sell my Silver?

Well…I hate to say that I told you so…but I will ūüėȬ† As many of you remember, I was buying Silver a couple of years back (Investing in Silver) and it has turned out to be quite a strong investment! The question now is, at $50 per ounce, is it time to sell my silver […]

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Is Volunteer Energy a Scam?

Believe it or not, I may have a found another company trying to pull a fast one on the hard working people of Michigan. A couple of years ago I signed up for Volunteer Energy as my natural gas supplier here in Michigan instead of Consumers Energy.¬† I was told that Volunteer Energy had a […]

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Should I Be Buying Gold?

So I was visiting one of my favorite blogs…GetMoneyEnergy¬†and my eyes were immediately drawn to information on the site about GoldLine.¬† Once on the GoldLine site, I was able to pursue through amazing amounts of information on rare coins and precious metals investing.¬† Most interesting to me was¬†a chart that showed current Gold, Silver, Platinum, […]

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Why are Natural Gas prices so low?

For reasons many of you may know, I’ve been following the NYMEX price of Natural Gas very closely for the past year or so.¬† I’ve seen multi-years highs that made little sense to me…and as recent as yesterday we are seeing 7 year lows in the price of this “clean” fuel.¬† SO WHAT IS THE […]

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Currency Trading

Short post to mention that I’m also looking into Currency Trading¬†and wondering if there are any opportunities in the current environment to take advantage of the US governments massive printing of US Dollars.¬† I’ll keep you posted!

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Investing In Silver

I clearly remember 3 years ago my Uncle Randy telling me that he was seriously stockpiling Silver.¬† The commodity was selling at about $5.00 per troy ounce and he was sure it would go to $20 or higher.¬† If I remember correctly, he felt that there was a worldwide shortage in silver, and that the […]

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