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Mortgage Refinance Problems

IS CUSTOMER SERVICE LOST? So  I initiated a mortgage refinance in mid June of this year.  I am going from a 30 year to a 15 year mortgage to take advantage of historically low interest rates and to pay off my mortgage faster. I attempted to use the same company that refinanced my 30 year […]

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Is Quicken Loans a Scam?

I HATE IT when I suggest a product or service to a friend, and it COMPLETELY bombs for them!  This type of situation just sucks.  I recently suggest to one of my very best friends that he call Quicken Loans to refinance his Adjustable Rate Mortgage to take advantage of today’s great deals on 30 […]

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Tips for surviving a depression!

First of all…  I DON’T think that it is a foregone conclusion that our country is headed for a “depression.”  A depression in economic terms is loosely defined as a countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropping by about 10% or more in a given year.  WHAT I MEAN by GDP is the total value of […]

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