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Tips on Obtaining Your Budgeting Goals

If you’re like most people, one of your goals for the new year is to be better with your budget and to save more money. These goals sound a lot easier than they often are; however, following these tips can promise you a brighter financial future. Be Realistic You might have said that you are […]

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What you need to get a loan

Securing any type of loan requires making some advance preparation. In most cases, this means providing information that is requested by the lender and generally proving that you do represent a reasonable risk to that lender. While the requirements for different types of offline and online loans will vary, there are a few basic things […]

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Fun Insanity

So I was reading a really old post from my first blog, and It hit me as just as fun as the first time I posted it…so I’m going to share it with you! As a disclaimer, I’m not sure who wrote it originally, but if I find out, I will give credit where credit […]

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Email links – the devil is in the detail!

Links and websites can be forged. So when you click a link in an email that claims to be from a bank or credit card company, how do you know it’s taking you where says it’s taking you? Well, you don’t, that’s why you should always be careful. A link in an email can be […]

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