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Tips for starting a business in Michigan

I was at a board meeting yesterday for my University’s Center for Entrepreneurship.  We discussed at length the real possibility that Michigan is going to see 17% or more unemployment rate over the next 12 months.  The thought is that there are going to literally be hundreds of thousands of people looking for work, OR […]

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What is Clickbank?

I spent about 3 hours yesterday afternoon trying to answer the above question.  What is Clickbank?  My secondary question was…How do I use Clickbank to further monetize my Internet real estate.  AdSense has been a great start, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve spent the last year as a one trick pony.  That strategy is […]

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Top 10 Personal Finance Tips for 2009

In any new project, business, or endeavor you need to strategically start with the end in mind.  That being said, “What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2009?”  Start planning now!  Here is my list of 10 important things you can do to take control of your personal finances in 2009 Go […]

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Team CCM

I want to thank those of you who have been reviewing the Team CCM business opportunity.  I’ve asked some of the smartest people that I know to give me a critical evaluation of Team CCM, the Natural Gas Choice Programs, Volunteer Energy, Network Marketing, etc…and I have yet to receive negative feedback.  Many of you […]

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Team CCM Natural Gas Business

I’ve recently joined a partner of mine in the business of marketing natural gas through a new organization… Team CCM  Team CCM is based out of Toledo, OH and was formed recently to market the Natural Gas Choice services of Volunteer Energy in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  I’m extremely excited about this opportunity as it […]

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Natural Gas in Michigan

What is Natural Gas Choice?  MPSC Natural Gas Customer Choice Programs NOW IT’S YOUR CHOICE Natural Gas Customer Choice permits you to shop for gas for your home or business from a diverse market of gas suppliers. You can select a gas supplier or do nothing and continue to get your gas from your local gas […]

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Talk Fusion Business

I’m STILL investigating a business opportunity called Talk Fusion. Basically the deal is that it is very hard to send a video over e-mail that the recipient can actually play on his computer without having to download formatting software. It appears that Talk Fusion has some kind of patented system that allows you to send […]

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I’ve actually came across a new company that offers a real “work at home” opportunity for all those out there who have some common sense, and a knack for searching on the web. ChaCha.com is a service where you can text any question that you can think of to 242242 (chacha) and you will very […]

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