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7 ways to make passive income online!

If you are like the majority of the population, you love to earn money. There are countless ways of doing so in the world today, many of which can be achieved online. A great type of income that can be made online is passive income. The brilliant thing about passive income is that it gives […]

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How Do I Make Money With A Blog?

How do I make money with a Blog?  That was the first question that I asked when I was first introduced to the concept of a “web-log”.  I’ve spent the last couple of years, through trial and error, answering that very question.  Simple rule #1  All that a blog really is is CONTENT…and content has […]

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April Blog Income Report

It seems like yesterday that I was reporting March numbers.  I’ve said this to you all before, but SLOW DOWN AND SOAK UP LIFE!  Time just goes by WAY too fast!  I hope all my friends are feeling as good about Spring as I am!  Yesterday I took my two oldest girls fishing.  We caught […]

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Tips for New Bloggers

Much thanks to you all for the great comments and feedback on my Blog Income Report. I started blogging in Feb. 2008 on a Free Blogger Site with absolutly NO CLUE what I was doing.  As my friend at MoneyEnergy mentioned in one of her comments…it took like 6 months to get my first Adsense Check.  […]

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Blog Income Report

It has been a LONG time since I reported blog income information.  Many personal finance bloggers don’t report their income, and I think this is a mistake.  It is fun and informative to see how others are doing.  Most of us blog for fun, conversation, and community.  ALL of us blog for the potential revenue, […]

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What is Clickbank?

I spent about 3 hours yesterday afternoon trying to answer the above question.  What is Clickbank?  My secondary question was…How do I use Clickbank to further monetize my Internet real estate.  AdSense has been a great start, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve spent the last year as a one trick pony.  That strategy is […]

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