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Financial “Spring Cleaning” Tips

It is not quite Spring yet here in Michigan, but it has been such a mild winter, my internal clock is ticking early this year. The personal financial habit that I’ve developed over the past 7 years is to preform a personal financial clean-up session at about the same time I decide to clean my […]

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2010 Financial Tips Recap

Last January, I gave you my Top Financial Tips for 2010.  Seems to me that it would be fair to recap my personal progress in “Practicing what I Preach” as most people (including me) are usually no great at doing just that. 1.)  Save as much of your income as you UNCOMFORTABLY can! I can honestly say […]

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Is Online Poker a Scam?

Today I take on my newest Scam-Busters question…Is Online Poker a Scam? I’ve recently tried online poker at Full Tilt Poker.  Full Tilt was suggested to me by a “poker guy” that I know, and who I believe plays quite a bit.  He told me that if I “bought” $250 of online chips at Full […]

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Top Financial Tips for 2010

If you have been hanging around at this Personal Finance Blog very long, you may remember my 2009 Top 10 Personal Finance Tips posted in Jan. of last year.  Personally, I thought that was one of my finest posts (if I do say so myself).  But alas, I only received 18 comments…not nearly as many as […]

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Email links – the devil is in the detail!

Links and websites can be forged. So when you click a link in an email that claims to be from a bank or credit card company, how do you know it’s taking you where says it’s taking you? Well, you don’t, that’s why you should always be careful. A link in an email can be […]

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Best New Car Deals

So, I need a new car, which would normally be an exciting time for me…but each of the three cars that I want are newer and really cool models…and thus are currently expensive and don’t come with any good financing incentives or rebates.  I really do need a nice new car though, because I am, […]

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How To Pay Off Bills And Get Rid Of Your Debts

If you owe a higher amount of money than what you make every month, it might be intimidating. However, there is a solution that can help you get out of this debt trap and relieve your stress. These cost-cutting steps can assist you to reduce your monthly expenditures which would offer you more money that […]

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Financial Goals Are Not Achieved Overnight

Instant gratification is part of the world we live in today. Most communities offer drive through services for anything from fast food to pharmaceuticals. We can shop at 24 hour stores, pay at the pump and transfer funds electronically, from our cell phone, at midnight on a holiday weekend. OK- I’m not sure on the […]

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My Best Investment – 1st Quarter 2009

Several months ago I posted about some of the great companies that I was buying as the entire stock market was tanking.  I purchased 15 companies over at Fristrade.  As of today, nine of them have lost money, five of them have made money…but my account is sitting at almost EXACTLY the $15,000 that I started with…so […]

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Should I buy a house?

As I’ve shared in the past, my wife and I built our dream home about 3 and a half years ago…right at the height of the housing bubble here in Michigan (and across the US for that matter).  Hind sight is always 20/20, but it sickens my some days to think of how many beautiful […]

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