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Financial “Spring Cleaning” Tips

It is not quite Spring yet here in Michigan, but it has been such a mild winter, my internal clock is ticking early this year. The personal financial habit that I’ve developed over the past 7 years is to preform a personal financial clean-up session at about the same time I decide to clean my […]

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Top Tips for Sticking to a Family Budget

If you’re trying to save or clear old debts as a family, then you may have recently decided to keep your spending within the limits of a budget. However, this is often easier said than done, and making financial sacrifices can by tricky. Here are a few tips which may help you to stick within […]

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Financial Goals Are Not Achieved Overnight

Instant gratification is part of the world we live in today. Most communities offer drive through services for anything from fast food to pharmaceuticals. We can shop at 24 hour stores, pay at the pump and transfer funds electronically, from our cell phone, at midnight on a holiday weekend. OK- I’m not sure on the […]

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Tips for surviving a depression!

First of all…  I DON’T think that it is a foregone conclusion that our country is headed for a “depression.”  A depression in economic terms is loosely defined as a countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropping by about 10% or more in a given year.  WHAT I MEAN by GDP is the total value of […]

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Top 10 Personal Finance Tips for 2009

In any new project, business, or endeavor you need to strategically start with the end in mind.  That being said, “What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2009?”  Start planning now!  Here is my list of 10 important things you can do to take control of your personal finances in 2009 Go […]

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Best Credit Card Deals

In my quest to find the best possible deals on credit cards, I’m starting to lean more on sites which not only offer comparison information from the companies themselves, but offer resources and information on the proper use of credit. With so much fine print in each credit card offer, I believe you need to […]

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Natural Gas in Michigan

What is Natural Gas Choice?  MPSC Natural Gas Customer Choice Programs NOW IT’S YOUR CHOICE Natural Gas Customer Choice permits you to shop for gas for your home or business from a diverse market of gas suppliers. You can select a gas supplier or do nothing and continue to get your gas from your local gas […]

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Hummer H2 “FireSale”

With gas prices back down to $1.36 at the Sam’s Club in Jackson, MI, I’m wishing that I would not have set fire to my H2 (Kidding) But seriously, those crazy $4.00 plus gas prices changed something inside my brain in regards to consumption.  I have actually dropped insurance on the H2 to “storage only” […]

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