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Marketing with Text Messages

I’m in the process of researching any and all unique or alternative methods for using text messages (SMS) as a local marketing tool. If any of my friends or readers have some input, please post a comment pointing me in the right direction.  Fell free to leave a link in the body of your message to […]

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Tips for New Bloggers

Much thanks to you all for the great comments and feedback on my Blog Income Report. I started blogging in Feb. 2008 on a Free Blogger Site with absolutly NO CLUE what I was doing.  As my friend at MoneyEnergy mentioned in one of her comments…it took like 6 months to get my first Adsense Check.  […]

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What is a meme?

The longer that I blog, the more I realize that there are folks all over the world who literally LIVE ON THEIR COMPUTERS!  They have got so much “online” time to fill that they create little online games…then they sucker their blogger friends into spending a perfectly good Friday night playing along.  So Sire …I […]

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Bloggers Helping Bloggers

One of the greatest thing about blogging (besides getting to organize your thoughts) is the relationships that you make with other bloggers.  There are some undefined, yet very tangible, common bonds that connect bloggers to one another.  This is especially true with bloggers who are at similar stages of their projects.  I’m exceedingly thankful for […]

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The Power of Stumble Upon

This blog has enjoyed 25 – 50 unique visitors per day for some time now.  I’ve felt blessed to have this amount of traffic and great commenters, because this blog has always served as a way for me to organize my thoughts on business, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.  I’m truly honored when someone visits the […]

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