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What is Cash for Clunkers?

I’ve recently read about a crazy new government stimulus program that is offering good old folks like you and me something like $4500 for any old, piece of junk car, if we buy a new one.  Now I know that there are some rules and regulations about the gas mileage of the old and new […]

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What is Michigan’s Unemployment Rate?

14.1% Wow, the last few weeks have been awesome and crazy.  The launch of the new company is going WELL above my initial expectations.  We are extremely busy with good work.  For this I am thankful, but it has made it extremely difficult for me to find time to post here at TAM.  You all […]

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Filing Your 2008 Taxes

So I broke down and filed my 2008 Federal & State Taxes last night!  I’m am SO GLAD to have it behind me.  It was a great tax year for me in 2008.  I had instituted significant tax planning at the beginning of the year that paid off big time.  No one has paid me […]

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