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Review of FirsTrade.com

It has been over a year since I started using FirsTrade.com for my Individual IRA Account. The basics of FirsTrade.com is that they offer $6.95 Stock Trades, free real-time quotes and research tools. The company has been very good to work with. I have had to call customer service only once, and I had a […]

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New Baby

Greetings and blessings from Michigan! I wanted to let you all know that my wife gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy this week! We are tired, but Life is Good!!! As many of you know, this is my 4th child, and my first son! We named him Dekker, after my favorite author, […]

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Is CP Federal Credit Union Unfair?

I had a sad experience with my local credit union this week ūüôĀ I’ve been involved with CP Federal Credit Union since 2004, and up until this week, I had nothing but good things to say about them.¬† My how quickly perceptions can change…Here’s what happened: I went into my credit union this week to […]

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When Life Throws You a Lemon…

First of all, SORRY that I’m been away from the site for so long!¬† I’ve had little to no time at all to blog.¬† LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY!!! Here is what has been going on, in a nut shell: Our house was hit by lightning about two months ago and caught on fire.¬† It is […]

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Free Advice (Always worth what you paid for it)

-A wise old saying: “The intelligent man learns from his own experience; the wise man learns from the experience of others.” I’ve spent the last¬†week rereading this post and¬†rethinking this old adage. It is one that I’ve tried to keep close to my heart as a business guy and entrepreneur. I think that the marginal […]

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Life is Good!

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Pure Michigan

We rolled out of bed this morning to 7 inches of beautiful Michigan Snow!¬† I’m thinking SNOW FORT!

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World’s Best Credit Card

Now that I’ve officially dumped Capital One and let you, my friends and loyal readers, know of their evil ways…I’m going to take you along for the ride as I search out and hopefully find the worlds best credit card. This credit card program must have it all.¬† Great rates, awesome customer service, and particularly […]

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TAM Interview


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How do you define wealth?

As a personal finance blog, we tend to spend a lot of time on the topic of money.¬† The older that I get (and the faster my 3 daughters grow up) I realize that my personal defination of wealth is changing rapidly.¬† I used to be solely concerned with the weekly, monthly, and yearly fluctuations […]

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