I’ve actually came across a new company that offers a real “work at home” opportunity for all those out there who have some common sense, and a knack for searching on the web.

ChaCha.com is a service where you can text any question that you can think of to 242242 (chacha) and you will very quickly get a text message back with an accurate answer.  It is an extremely cool service.  It is free, you have to check it out!

Anyways, they rely on a network of tens of thousands of “guides” to answer the millions of questions that they get every month.  THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY!

I’ve just signed my wife up for the program.  She will be paid between $.10 and $.20 per question that she answers, and she can log on to their program at her convience, whenever she is available to do a little work.  We figure that she can answer about 50 questions in about an hour.  So the money is not amazing, but the work is fun and flexible.  If she averages $7.00 per hour, it will add an additional $140 a month if she works just 5 hours a week.  This is cash that will go a long way in this tough economy. 

I’ll keep you posted on how things progress!

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