In June 2007  I started an Energy Drink business.  There is this amazing stuff make in Europe called XL Energy Drink.  At the time I was a Red Bull fanatic, but when I tasted XL, I WAS HOOKED.  It tasted very similar to the leading brand, but was smoother and didn’t have that bitter aftertaste that I’d grown accustomed to. 

BOTTOM LINE, I had found a better product than the “market leader.”  I then figured that if I could get hooked on it so quickly, I could get everyone else in town excited about it too.  My next step was to import thousands of cases of the stuff.  It goes from Europe to New York, then from New York to Michigan, then from my trunk to store shelves. 

It took off quickly, and within less than a year I was one of the best selling energy drinks in South Central Michigan.  My next step was to find the best beer and wine distributor in SC Michigan do enter into a Joint Venture with me to help me grow my route.  I found Anderson Distributing and the rest was history.  They took over the sales and delivery, I oversee the marketing, local promotions, and relations with the corporate office in New York.  This cut my profit, but freed me up to focus on the aspects of the business that I really loved…getting others to try the worlds best energy drink. 

I tell you all this because I think it is a great time in history to just get out there and start a business.  If you work hard, all the details will fall into place.  Be smart, and surround yourself with smart people.  NO ONE has all the answers (even though most of us think we do).  Also, check out the website that I’m building to promote my product here in Michigan… Let me know what you think!  Send me an e-mail if you want more information!

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