So I broke down and filed my 2008 Federal & State Taxes last night!  I’m am SO GLAD to have it behind me.  It was a great tax year for me in 2008.  I had instituted significant tax planning at the beginning of the year that paid off big time.  No one has paid me to say this (nor is it an affiliate link) but TURBO TAX is an easy and amazing way to do easy or complex tax returns for about $75 bucks.  I’ve been using them since 2001 and have had nothing but great experiences.  And the software gets more user friendly every year.  I highly suggest that you check it out. 

In 2001 I took my return to someone at H&R Block here in Michigan.  That individual was nice, but I knew right away that I knew WAY MORE about tax filing than she did.  I actually got behind her computer at one point and was inputting some stock trading transaction data for her…(she didn’t understand the concept of cost basis).  Anyways.  I ended up paying her like $190 bucks and never even sent in the returns that she printed off for me when I left her office.  I went home and got online and messed with Turbo Tax for a few hours.  When I was done, I had an ACCURATE return that was putting $800 more into my refund.  I’ve been hooked on Turbo Tax every since. 

So good luck with your tax filing.  GO FOR IT!  DO IT YOURSELF.  You can always e-mail your CPA friend if you run into any questions!

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