-A wise old saying:

“The intelligent man learns from his own experience; the wise man learns from the experience of others.”

I’ve spent the last week rereading this post and rethinking this old adage. It is one that I’ve tried to keep close to my heart as a business guy and entrepreneur. I think that the marginal success that I have enjoyed has been because I have always assumed that I possess intelligence (though my wife may often beg to differ). As I reflect on the good choices that I’ve made, they were most often not attempts to “re-invent” anything. Good stuff for me has happened when I tried hard to follow the wisdom and experience of others. (I don’t seem to be able to do this enough though, God gave me a sense of “do-it-yourselfism” that runs deep and needs to be constantly kept in check).

I guess I continue to look for balance in my life. It seems appropriate for an entrepreneur to have the guts to make things happen, but it also seems important to be able to step back and evaluate opportunities through the lens of wisdom.

The BEST TIME to work hard and lay the foundations for future success is when times are tough.  While everyone else is crying and complaining, I hope we can take the lead from others who have gone before us and seize the opportunity to do great things in life.  Now is the time to charge forward with your passions and take a risk.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK…THEN TRY SOMETHING NEW, DO SOMETHING BIG! 


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