As a personal finance blog, we tend to spend a lot of time on the topic of money.  The older that I get (and the faster my 3 daughters grow up) I realize that my personal defination of wealth is changing rapidly.  I used to be solely concerned with the weekly, monthly, and yearly fluctuations of my personal net worth.  What rubbish that can be when you expand your worldview.

I took my almost 5 year old daughter to our first “Daddy/Daughter” dance this evening.  The night was magical, beyond words.  If you have kids you are in love with, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  This whole evening, I felt like a billion bucks…but even that is a bad way to describe it, because there is Nothing in the world that I would trade for the love and respect of my girls.

This might sound pie in the sky to you, and that is ok.  I love to think and dream big, and then focus my energies there.  I have finally realized that I’ve already attained a HUGE amount of personal, spiritual, and relational wealth.  With that as my foundation, the work now that I CHOOSE to do is focused on expanding those things. 

I work because I LOVE to do fulfilling work. 

I plan, strategize, and save because I will provide for my family, no matter what…and time enjoying tender moments is worth more than gold.

I want to be able to give GENEROUSLY of myself to endeavors that make the world a better place.  People are struggling all over the world right now.  I can’t solve every problem, and I understand that.  But ANYONE that I can give to in ANY WAY is a step in the right direction…becuase as much as I fight it, I know that life isn’t about just ME, ME, ME. 

ANYWAYS, this probably makes no sense…it’s way to late.  Love your family!  Work Hard for Worthy Endeavors!  Have Faith, and never fear the unknown!  Seek wise counsel in all you do!  Strive every day to leave your corner of the world just a little bit better than you found it!  I think these actions will lead to true wealth, regardless of your bank account!

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