I must admit, I’ve been keeping a secret from you all!!!  But recently a new friend of mine, Mike, from 30LINES helped me realize that the best thing I can do a Personal Finance & Technology blogger is to not hold back anything and let my readers know any new trick that I find.  That being said, here it is.

As most of you know, I consider myself a bit of an expert on franchising and the franchise industry.  Most expert claims are backed up by personal experience, BUT additional credibility can be gained from having your thoughts, quotes, or stories published in national magazines, blogs, or trade journals. 


HARO is a free place for reporters to put out requests for expert information or story needs that they may have.  I suggest all of you who have expert information (because of life experience or what not) in ANY subject area should register with HARO today.  You will get a few e-mails a day that outline what type of info reporters need.  If you have information to help a reporter, you send them an e-mail.  If they want to use you, they will e-mail you back.  THE ONE BIG RULE…is that you NEVER waste a reporters time, PERIOD!  There are other terms of use, but I view that as the big one.  I RARELY send info to these reporters, but when I do, most often they get back with me and use my story or quote.  This is cool, because I get to help a reporter out, and I gain a bit of credibility myself, a true win/win situation! 

So sign up today, and share your expertise with the rest of the world…(not just those of us who have found your blog!) 

P.S. And let me know about your experiences with HARO if you had already used it or once you start!  Thanks!

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