I’m excited to announce that I’m setting out to write an e-book guide that will walk people through the decision making process that EVERYONE should go through before they buy a franchise. 

Buying a franchise is a HUGE decision.  I have bought, operated, still operate, or have sold 7 franchised businesses here in Michigan.  I’ve also done EXTENSIVE research on over 100 different franchise systems.  In addition to these items, since 2004 I’m operated a highly successful Franchise Management and Consulting business.  I’ve signed good franchise agreements, and I’ve been suckered into bad franchise agreements.  What I’m getting at is that basically I’ve see it all and I believe that I can add SIGNIFICANT VALUE to ANYONE who is considering investing their hard earned dough into ANY franchise system.  I blog and/or rant about franchise issues every now and then at BFranchise.com

I’ve done my research.  There are literally tens of thousands of people EVERY DAY who are searching the web for reliable, 3rd party information about the franchise industry.  The only stuff that I’ve found is from franchise sales people…hardly non-biased!  My E-book is going to be a MUST READ before you sign any type of franchise agreement.  There are just so many important questions to ask and facts to verify before you take the plunge, and I have found NOTHING online to help folks.  My information is going to guide them through this process. 

I’ll keep you posted on how things are coming along.  I’m expected this to be about a six month project…I really want to do it well, yet I have no idea how exactly to write and format an E-book.  I’m assuming I’ll just start with an exciting Word document and go from there. 

Let me know if any of you all have went down the E-book path, and how things are going.  I ALWAYS appreciate the support, comments, and feedback…and am always happy to return the favor.  So if you need anything, drop me an e-mail.

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