My buddy Blake at just posted a great bit about investing in yourself first and foremost.  I’ve got to say, for a young guy, Blake is smart and right on target. 

I’m privileged in my career to meet some highly successful people.  The common theme of these seemingly ordinary people is their unyielding commitment to their personal dream…whatever that may be. 

I’ve been talking to my young daughters lately about the power of dreaming big in life.  I feel strongly that every day is a gift and we are CRAZY if we don’t do our best to try to live out our dreams on a daily basis.  I have business dreams…so I pursue them!  I have family dreams…so I invest heavily in my family.  I have spiritual goals…so I try to keep my life centered as best as I can. 

I say all this because life is short, and I’m amazed at how quickly the past 29 years have flown by.  I count it a blessing that every day I wake up in pursuit of big dreams.  And when you ask me how I’m doing and I tell you that I’m “Livin on a dream!” I REALLY MEAN IT!  Those of you who have seen the way my little girls love me know that it is true!


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