So I’m afraid I may have been scammed again, and this time by a fundraising organization.

ENJOY THE CITY is a Fundraising company that allows you group or organization to sell fundraising books to earn money for whatever it is you are raising money for.

For Example, a group at my church was selling these coupon books for $20, and I believe that the church group gets to keep 50% of that money, or $10.00.

Initially, these books with hundreds of restaurant and other coupons seems like a great deal…mostly because they have several pizza restaurants involved that actually offer you a coupon for a FREE pizza is you meet the manager.

For Example, Today I drove 40 minutes to Happy’s Pizza at 6045 S. Cedar St. in Lansing, MI to use my “Enjoy the City” coupon the says the following “MEET THE MANAGER SPECIAL:  ENJOY ONE FREE LARGE TWO-TOPPING PIZZA”  No purchase necessary, carry out only!  Valid through December 31 2012. I was VERY excited to use this coupon to try a new pizza place, and truly, these types of coupons was EXACTLY why I bought the coupon book in the first place.

When I go to use the coupon, the girl at Happy’s Pizza tells me the following, “We are not accepting these coupons!  This is fraud, and we never signed up for this program.  We feel terrible, and have upset a lot of potential customers.”  I was very upset, and she told me the following…”The coupon book companies phone number is 1.866.359.2489, you can call them to complain.”

I, of course, try to call ENJOY THE CITY to ask for my $20 back…but as you can expect, no one at the company will answer the phone.  My only option was to leave a message…we will see how that goes.

This seems a little bit like my problem!

Has anyone else had a problem with the  ENJOY THE CITY Fundraising program?  Let me know!

Thanks,   -TAM

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