Today I take on my newest Scam-Busters question…Is Online Poker a Scam?

I’ve recently tried online poker at Full Tilt Poker.  Full Tilt was suggested to me by a “poker guy” that I know, and who I believe plays quite a bit.  He told me that if I “bought” $250 of online chips at Full Tilt Poker, that I would receive “matching chips” worth $250.00  SEEMED TO ME LIKE A PRETTY GOOD DEAL! 


I dropped the $250 that I had paid for pretty quickly…probably stupid to try to learn Texas Hold Um with real money on the internet…but I felt OK about it because of my $250 “Bonus Bucks” from Full Tilt.

APPEARANTLY, I didn’t read the Full Tilt “fine print” well enough.  When I tried to access the Bonus Matching Dollars on my account…there wasn’t $250 there…there was about $6. 

To this day I don’t know why my matching funds were not available, but I think it had something to do with the fact that I didn’t play long enough, AKA I LOST TOO FAST! 

HERE IS WHAT I LEARNED:  Read the fine print, don’t lose your money very quickly and don’t waste your time trying to fine a customer service phone number for Full Tilt Poker.

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