I HATE IT when I suggest a product or service to a friend, and it COMPLETELY bombs for them!  This type of situation just sucks. 

I recently suggest to one of my very best friends that he call Quicken Loans to refinance his Adjustable Rate Mortgage to take advantage of today’s great deals on 30 year fixed rates…they are under 5%.  I had recently done business with Quicken loans, and had enjoyed a smooth and simple refinance. 

My buddys wife calls the company to find out if they will qualify.  The agent tells her that they will, and then in my buddys’ words…”pressures her to place a $750 “refundable” security deposit to cement their business relationship.”  His wife was told that Quicken was confident they could get the loan done for them…but if they couldn’t, their $750 deposit would be refunded in full. 

OF COURSE, Quicken is not able to get the loan done as they had thought…something about the home not appraising at the level they thought it would.  No Big Deal, Right?  Just send us our deposit back and we will try to make other arraignments.  THEY WOULD NOT GIVE THEM THEIR $750 BACK!  My buddy is MAD!  He has made it his personal mission to tell everyone he knows to avoid Quicken Loans like the plague…and I don’t blame him. 

I FEEL BAD about making the suggestion.  My experience was fine.  Maybe I had a better loan officer?  Maybe I met their “perfect customer” profile?  Either way, why are they charging $750 just to get a good faith estimate?  That seems shady, especially if there is ANY chance that you may not get that money back if you get a crappy appraiser for your home. 

Is anyone else out there having trouble with Mortgage Companies?  Let me know your experience, good or bad.  After I suggested QL to my buddy, I found this resource online…sounds like they are upsetting A LOT of customers these days.

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