So I bought my first gift certificate from today.

What a big, fat waste of time and money! advertised that I could buy a $25 Gift Certificate for a small restaurant located near me…The End Zone…in Horton, MI FOR ONLY $10!!!

What a great deal, I was excited to try a new place!  I loaded up my 4 kids, and my wife, and jumped into the Ford Expedition for our mini road trip.

So we get to The End Zone, order drinks, and immediately give our gift certificate to the waitress.  We are excited to try $35 worth of food and drinks (that is a stipulation of the deal, our gift certificate clearly says that to use the $25, we need to spend at least $35…not hard for a family of six!

The waitress frowns and tells me that The End Zone in Horton, MI, DOES NOT participate with, and that I’ve been scammed!

I WAS MAD!  How does this happen? seemed like a legal website.  Are they selling gift certificates to restaurants WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE RESTAURANT OWNER?

Please let me know if this has happened to anyone else!!!

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