Believe it or not, I may have a found another company trying to pull a fast one on the hard working people of Michigan.

A couple of years ago I signed up for Volunteer Energy as my natural gas supplier here in Michigan instead of Consumers Energy.  I was told that Volunteer Energy had a track record of saving their customers approx. 15% when compared to Consumers rates.

I was told that my rate would change month to month based on the price that Volunteer Energy paid for the gas they were selling me.

Until yesterday, I had basically forgot about this switch, and assumed that Volunteer Energy was a reputable company and was going to give me the best rate that they could each month.

YESTERDAY, I get an e-mail from a company called Revolutionary Wireless.  This company is apparently a marketing company or sales company that represents Volunteer Energy.

THE SLOGAN ON TOP OF THE SALES MATERIAL THAT WAS SENT TO ME SAYS “START WITH TRUST” This is interesting to me because I did trust that Volunteer Energy was going to give me the best rate on natural gas that they could, each month, in an effort to keep my business and let me know I made a good choice when I left Consumers Energy for my natural gas.


The sales material I was e-mailed from Revolutionary Wireless lists and compares 15 months worth of Natural Gas prices between Consumers Energy and Volunteer Energy.  FOR EXAMPLE, The sales sheet says that in May 2010 that Consumers Energy was charging $6.8426 per MCF of Natural Gas, but Volunteer Energy was charging $5.49 per MCF of Natural Gas…a 20% savings!  APPARENTLY NOT TRUE FOR ME THOUGH…

I printed off my Gas bill for May 2010 and it clearly says that Volunteer Energy charged me $6.49 per MCF for my natural gas.

I then checked other months, and in April and March of 2010 I was also charged significantly more that what Volunteer Energy is advertising as their rates for those months.

Needless to say, I’m upset and will be calling the company tomorrow.  This seems like a scam to me…telling customers that you charged a certain amount in the past to try to get them to switch over…when in reality, your current customers didn’t receive the published savings…what do you think?

Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem with Volunteer Energy!  It is probably a good idea to check your energy bill today…then leave a comment and let me know…maybe it only happened to me!

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