Several months ago I posted about some of the great companies that I was buying as the entire stock market was tanking. 

I purchased 15 companies over at Fristrade.  As of today, nine of them have lost money, five of them have made money…but my account is sitting at almost EXACTLY the $15,000 that I started with…so I’m flat overall.  That is ok, as I am generally investing for the next 4-6 years.  I did this in late 2002, andby 2007 my original $10,000 investment in stocks had quadrupled.  I liquidated around the time when the Dow Hit 13,000.  (I originally had thought I’d made a horrible decision as the Dow continued to climb past 14,000…but I stuck to my guns and did not get hammered in this market.)

So like I said, I tested the waters with $15,000 about 6 months ago.  My best RETURN was a 1 week trade on National City stock.  I bought in at $1.80 per share, and about a week later sold for over $3.00 a share. 


American Eagle is up 41.14% since I purchased it.  Same store sales are down at AEO, but not terrible.  I was a teenager once, I remember saving all my money to buy clothes.  (We really seem to care about clothing here in America, don’t we)  The company has next to zero debt, and almost $500 Million cash on its balance sheet.  It is also highly profitable.  I think as the economy softens, they do better than companies like Abercrombie & Finch…because the products is similar in style, very similar, but at a considerable value.  That has been a winning combination for my portfolio!

2nd best investment…APPLE COMPUTER STOCK…UP 17.54%

Again, I’m not offering specific investment advice, just letting you know what I’m up to.  Please seek professional advice when making any type of investment.  For informational purposes only!  Amen.

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