I was fortunate enough to have lunch last week with a friend and mentor who had just returned from a trip oversees. He shared with me some powerful insights into leading, surviving, and thriving through difficult times.

Winston Churchill led Great Britain through what could easily be viewed as their most difficult hour in recorded history. It is said that Churchill lived and led with a “NEVER THE LESS” attitude. Even when Germany was closing in tightly on his country and dropping bombs daily, he led with an attitude that provided intense confidence to those around him.

Even though things look grim, and times are scary, and people are trying to destroy us…NEVER THE LESS, we must work hard and live on with an attitude and a confidence that we will prevail in our endeavors!

Great leaders seem to have a way of crafting the future with their words and beliefs. I am amazed to hear stories, and watch in my own life, beliefs become reality…this often happens when a strong dose of hard work and faithful dedication is added to the mix!

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