It has been over a year since I started using for my Individual IRA Account.

The basics of is that they offer $6.95 Stock Trades, free real-time quotes and research tools. The company has been very good to work with. I have had to call customer service only once, and I had a real person on the phone within 5 minutes…which is acceptable. has a clean, easy to follow trading platform. The only issue that I’ve run into is that when I try to place a market order, I get an error message, and I’m, basically, required to place my order as a limit order. Other than that, I’m quite impressed with and have recommended them to friends.

My only suggestion to the company is that they allow you to make a trade order, and view a real time quote, on the same screen. As their software is currently configured, you are sent to a different screen when you request a quote.

For what it is worth, I had been sitting on about 50% cash in my retirement account for almost a year.  I went heavy into the market on last Wednesday after the “mini crash” that we experienced.  I picked up some great companies at pretty nice discounts to what I feel they are truly worth, and I’m hopeful they will grow nicely over the long term.

I would love to have a comment about what you were investing in last week!!!

Happy Trading and Investing!

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