So I was visiting one of my favorite blogs…GetMoneyEnergy and my eyes were immediately drawn to information on the site about GoldLine.  Once on the GoldLine site, I was able to pursue through amazing amounts of information on rare coins and precious metals investing. 

Most interesting to me was a chart that showed current Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. prices today (at record highs) and then compare them to “inflation adjusted” 1980 prices.

What the chart leads you to believe is that when you take inflation into consideration, precious metals may still have significantly more upside potential, especially if you believe that the current economic environment is similar to the environment in 1980.

I’m extremely intrigued by precious metals…and rare coins for that matter.  I’ve written quite extensively about Silver Investing as you may know, and have recently invested a significant amount of money into Natural Gas when it was around $3 a MCF.

Anywho…please pipe in on Gold, your opinions do matter to me…as in the case of Natural Gas, your feedback helps direct my actions.  That is what this blog is all about!

And BTW, I still have not decided on a vehicle.  I’m leaning towards the Ford Taurus, but am waiting until they are available with about $2500 in rebates that I can take advantage of.  They currently DO offer $2500 in rebates, but you can only get access to $1500 of those dollars if you have a competitors lease.  Unfortunatly, I own competitior vehicles, but OWN them, don’t lease them at this time.  I will keep you posted.

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