I am a major advocate of the SMART use of credit cards.

I have been known to often tap credit cards for major purchases when they are offering attractive rates or balance transfers offers. My favorite aspect of using a credit card is the reward program. I would never use a card that does not offer a rebate program. I have enjoyed some amazing free stuff over the years through using rewards cards for personal and business purchases, and paying them off in full each month. In fact, my last four airline flights have been completely free because of the airline miles I’ve earned through my credit cards.

Anyways, I’ve found a great place to compare and contrast which credit card may be best for your individual situation. Visit Credit-Land.com and check out the various credit cards that are out there right now.

There are really two good ways to search.

If you are looking for the lowest possible APR…

If you are looking for a great balance transfer card, they offer a lot of different options.

Good luck, and remember to use credit wisely!

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