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Do iPhone Apps Make Money?

Well, I’m about to find out if a good idea and great partners is enough of a foundation in the iPhone Application development world to make for a good investment. This week, I’ve funded the development of an exciting new iPhone app.  The app is a productivity tool for moms and dads, and is “top […]

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Why does the Stock Market Keep going up?

Friends, I’ve been away quite a while and miss hearing from everyone.  I’ve been launching a new company over the past month or so, and life has been CRAZY busy.  I’ve been working later than normal, and have been having trouble sticking to my 5:30 AM blogging routine.  Anyways, I think it is important to […]

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My Best Investment – 1st Quarter 2009

Several months ago I posted about some of the great companies that I was buying as the entire stock market was tanking.  I purchased 15 companies over at Fristrade.  As of today, nine of them have lost money, five of them have made money…but my account is sitting at almost EXACTLY the $15,000 that I started with…so […]

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Why did the stock market drop today?

The following are the top 5 reasons I believe that the market dropped today: 1.  People are scared!  Today’s sell off in the stock market was not just mom and pop investor scared about losing their retirement savings, there were huge institutional trades today that seem to be driven by fear. 2.  People are confused!   […]

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