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Why does the Stock Market Keep going up?

Friends, I’ve been away quite a while and miss hearing from everyone.  I’ve been launching a new company over the past month or so, and life has been CRAZY busy.  I’ve been working later than normal, and have been having trouble sticking to my 5:30 AM blogging routine.  Anyways, I think it is important to […]

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How Low Can Stocks Go???

WOW! This word is all my little brain could register when I pulled up my retirement account at Firstrade today. I’ve been a licensed securities broker for almost 9 years now, and I NEVER saw this coming.  Buy and Hold index fund investing is officially a TRAIN WRECK if you started in about the last […]

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Is Ford A Good Buy?

I’ve posted several times regarding the auto industry here in Michigan.  Since then, we have seen GM and Chrysler receive some federal money to try to keep them afloat.  Ford Motor Company appeared to shy away from federal dollars and put up a good front that they had everything under control…we don’t need any bailout […]

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