I’ve recently joined a partner of mine in the business of marketing natural gas through a new organization… Team CCM 

Team CCM is based out of Toledo, OH and was formed recently to market the Natural Gas Choice services of Volunteer Energy in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

I’m extremely excited about this opportunity as it is the first time in my life that I’ve found a network marketing company with something truly exciting to offer.  It is so easy to simply ask everyone I meet if they would allow me to see is I can save them some money on their natural gas bill each month.  This is very different than asking people to buy juices, vitamins, etc.  Nothing like that ever interested me in the past. 

I’ve been very impressed with the consistent savings that can be offered by Volunteer Energy when compared to the local gas monopolies in MI, OH, and PA.  You can visit the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s WEBSITE and review their Apples to Apples chart of the various natural gas Choice providers in Ohio.  I was excited to find that Volunteer offered the best variable rate in Ohio the most recent time that chart was published. 

I will keep you all posted on my progress in saving everyone in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania money on their monthly natural gas bill!

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